About The Band

Established in 2016, Stuck On Standby is a powerhouse original rock band that is creating waves on the music scene. The band dominates the stage by including hard rock, alternative and punk cover songs mixed in with their original song catalogue. This drives the foundation to highly energized, electrifying live performances with heavy sonic tones and a spectacular live production.

Stuck On Standby has received global recognition for their strong songwriting, highlighting the very first song ever written. The band was awarded semi finalist status in a worldwide songwriting competition.

Stuck On Standby continues to push forward by persistently writing, recording in the studio and perfecting each live performance.  Hear what SOS has to offer on all music platforms and see Stuck On Standby in a city near you!

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Meet Stuck On Standby


Kurt Andrew - Vocals, Guitar, Drums, Songwriter

Kurt started his musical pursuit at an early age mastering his craft behind the drum kit. His strong foundation behind the drums propels the high energy of their music. He embraced the new challenge of guitar and currently uses that platform as a conduit for his music ideas and transfers his passion to the listener. Kurt shares vocal responsibilities and is one half of the powerhouse-writing duo that is Stuck On Standby.







SOS JAY1Jay Scott - Vocals, Bass Guitar, Music Engineer, Songwriter

Jay has highlighted his strong vocal abilities through various live bands throughout his life. Filling a void within Stuck On Standby, he aggressively attacked the bass guitar fulfilling the low frequency requirements of SOS’s heart stopping music. Jay’s incredible ability to write melodies and bring ideas to fruition through his strong voice serves as the foundation to Stuck On Standby’s music.